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The Lab Girls

A home for wayward fic

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For those fics you can't tell anyone about

Have you ever written a fanfiction so wacky and out there that you can't in good conscience subject anyone you actually know to it? WELCOME TO THE CLUB.

Have you ever wanted to post something to semihomemadefic but were too ashamed, and hid it away at the back of your hard drive instead? Dust that baby off and post it here!

Are you crossing three or more fandoms in your fic, including some you made up yourself? US, TOO! Put that bad boy up here!

Any questions? Check the FAQ.

We are your mods, la_belle_dame and savvygal, and we think it's time to end the silence. We're not here to judge. In fact, we're in no position to judge. Our fic is probably more heinous than yours. The first step is admitting you wrote atrocious fic. Now all you have to do is post it.

Start the healing. End the silence. Post the fic.

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